Welcoming guests for over 40 years.

Iniakuk Lake Wilderness Lodge was built in the summer of 1974 using local logs harvested from the surrounding stands of white and black spruce. Each log was wrestled down the mountainside by hand, floated 2 miles across the lake, then dragged uphill to where the lodge now stands. There were no horses or electric winches available for the process, but the main log structure was completed the end of that summer.

In those first few years our clients awoke with sawdust in their hair and baked goods were kneaded on a stump outside. There was no electricity and our idea of running water was the nearby inlet.

Times have changed. We now have 24-hour electricity thanks to a state-of-the-art solar power installation. During the summer we have hot and cold running water and cozy bedrooms with views of 5-mile Iniakuk Lake. In the winter we crank up the wood stove, bring in portable toilets, stoke the sauna, and heat a separate bathhouse for hot showers.

Your guide in the winter is John Gaedeke, a second-generation Brooks Range guide. John was raised at Iniakuk Lake and enjoys continuing the traditions of conservation with an attention to the environment that his family started over 40 years ago. John teams up with dog mushing guide Thom Walker and professional photographer Nathaniel Wilder to bring you the best the Brooks Range can offer.

Enjoying the wilderness is a way of life for John and the staff at Iniakuk Lake Lodge. They take pride in healthy, happy sled dogs, warm, clean cabins and the Alaska they call home. Their commitment to your comfort, enjoyment and safety while in the Far North is obvious from the moment you arrive.

Book a trip with Iniakuk Lake Lodge and you will see their reputation as a premier wilderness destination in Alaska since 1974 is well deserved.

We are located 60 Miles North of the Arctic Circle.

Site photography by John Gaedeke, click here for more amazing images from Alaska and beyond.