At Iniakuk Lake Wilderness Lodge we offer luxury and comfort, off the beaten path, and miles from anything you have ever done before. Here, your experience, is our lifestyle.

Imagine your ski plane touching down in four feet of powdery snow on a runway marked with spruce trees. There is no rush for a shuttle or taxi as a dog team pulls up and you take a seat on the sled for a ride to the main lodge.


The jagged peaks of the Brooks Range tower in the distance, smoke from the wood stove scents the air, and snow-covered silence surrounds you. Inside Iniakuk Lake Wilderness Lodge there is fresh baked bread, friendly faces and hand-crafted log surroundings. Welcome to our home.

This is luxury in the Far North. Solar panels provide 24-hour electricity, wood fires keep the lodge warm and cozy, and your dog sledding guides will keep you entertained with stories and adventures from life on the trail while providing you the opportunity to create your own.


We offer guided dog sled trips for every fitness and adventure level. Base out of Iniakuk Lodge for day trips or take off into the Brooks Range on a multi-day expedition where you will spend the night in heated tents under the northern lights.

Our trips are all-inclusive and customized to fit your needs, whether you have mushed before or never stepped on the runners. We cater to couples, families and large groups. Call or email for more details.

We are located 60 Miles North of the Arctic Circle.

Site photography by John Gaedeke, click here for more amazing images from Alaska and beyond.